Bowser wasn't up for a fight with Mario that day. The hero found his archnemesis crying at the grave of the former Queen Skyla.

"Bowser? What are you doing?" Mario asked.

"I-i-i can't explain without telling the full story" Bowser said as he zapped he and Mario into the past.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"In the past, so you can see what happened." Bowser said.

"I wasn't aways this way - I was once like you. A boy looking out for his special one. In this case, I was Peitro Mendez looking out for Queen Skyla. The real Bowser - he had this body first. I batteled him over and over for Skyla's safety. Soon, she began getting ready for the arrival of our first child. Right before though, the real Bowser has a plan to kill her. I came to save her, but me and him were zapped with the ray. We switched bodies, but somehow him in controll of this one for every day but today. Skyla wouldn't believe me, until Bowser killed her. Then he put himself back in controll of the two bodies. Our child was saved, but barely. They named her Peach, after the peach's that had grown that day."

Mario was in a state of shock.

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