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Bowser's Kingdom is a fanon video game on the Wii U in 2012.
STORY. King Bowser Koopa has to make his way through the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap Peach. Bowser, Bowser Jr, Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry are playable character. The enemies are Toads and Yoshi's. You play as the bad guys. When Bowser is holding Peach captive the Mario Bros come and save her, steal his doomship and take her back to her castle. The game is 4 players while Player 1 has to be Bowser. Each World has 8 levels.

World 1 Dark LandEdit

Bowsers territory of course. It has volcano's and lava and intensity. The castle boss is Dry Toad

World 2 Sky LandEdit

A land up in the sky. The castle boss is Fluzzard from Super Mario Galaxy 2

World 3 Ice LandEdit

A cold place. The castle boss is Captain Penguin from the Galaxy Games

World 4 Rock LandEdit

A rocky mountain place. The castle boss is Rowser

World 5 Forest LandEdit

A forest. The castle boss is Yoshi

World 6 Water LandEdit

A beach world. The castle boss is Toadette

World 7 Desert LandEdit

A Desert. The castle bosses are the Toad Brothers Blue and Yellow Toad

World 8 Grass LandEdit

The main original land of the Mushroom Kingdom. The Final Battle(Which is at Peach's Castle) is against the Mario Bros. After they are deafeated Bowser kidnaps Peach.


The fortresss boss is Toad in every World. 


Bowser Jr
Red Toads
Green Toads
Blue Toads
Yellow Toads
Green Yoshis
Dark Blue Yoshis
Light Blue Yoshis
Red Yoshis
Yellow Yoshis
Pink Yoshis
Mario Boos
Lugi Boos

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