Platformer World
Appearance Super Mario Adventure
Levels 6
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The Bowsarctica is World 5 in Super Mario Adventure. It is based on arctic regions like Greenland, Russia and the Polar circles. Among other things it sports a magnificent palace made of ice, a frozen cliffside covering a cavern full of lava, a long abandoned base in the middle of nowhere and a mysterious haunted house. It is the main base of Bowser until Bowsopolis is completed at the end of Bowser's Frozen Followers.

The hub has a small village with igloos and more modern complexes in the north-east; this is the location of the portal to Floaty Bunker, which stands on top of metal base like building. Many of the igloos can be crawled into, and some of them are surprisingly massive inside. A large, partly frozen fjord dominates most of the southern part of the hub, a haunted house floats on the water, and can be accessed by destroying and moving pillars of ice.


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