Bob-Ombs (Sometimes refered to as Bob-Oms) are living, moving mechanical bombs with eyes, feet, and a wind-up key in the back. They are generic enemies who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2, and have appeared in nearly every Mario game since then.

Description Edit

Bob-Omb is a living, moving mechanical bomb-like enemy. Its colour is navy with a golden wind-up key in the back, white eyes and orange shoes.

Appearances of Bob-Ombs Edit

Bombing into the Action Edit

Bob-Ombs are the items available in Item Boxes and obstacles that are in Bob-Omb Factory course. A new variant of Bob-Omb, Speedy Bob-omb, appears as a boss of World 2, in Level 2-Boss. His battle arena is the Bob-Omb Works. Speedy Bob-omb throws Bob-Ombs and shoots Balls of Poison. The player has to disable him throwing 3 Red Shells at him.

Super Mario Moose Edit

Bob-Omb is an enemy that appears in Super Mario Moose.

Yoshi and Tails Hypercube: Return of a Magikoopa Edit

Bob-Ombs are the enemies that are in either Yoshi and Tails' and Kamek's stages. A friendly Bob-Omb, named Bob-Ow, is one of two Kamek's partners.

In Mario's Revenge Edit

Bob-Omb is an enemy that first appears in World 4.