Birdo is a character who was first appearance in Super Mario Bros. 2 as a miniboss. In Super Pauline: When her Adventure Begins.... The Canon Birdo was Fully a Female Named "Princess Catherine Birdosetta" (or "Birdo for short") Who has a Crush on Yoshi, But he's not interested in the relationship


Birdo 2

Birdo attending the black carpet

Mario kart u in the storymode brido acts like a rivel to yoshi when at the fire flower cup brido tried to make yoshi crash his kart but yoshi bets her in the race in the final cup brido tries to destroy yoshi but is dragged away by lakitus . Edit

Mario kart Grand Prix she is a playable character . Edit

Mario kart Grand Prix 2 she is an unlockable character. Edit

Mario kart Grand Prix 3 she is a downloadable character. Edit

Mario kart 13 she is the main atagonasit in the bonus story yoshi kart . Edit

Super Pauline: When her adventure Begins... Brido is the compainieon of Pauline she meets Pauline when she is stuck on a construction building she saved her and begin journeying with her but she is possessed by a scarf knowing as the black carpet after defeating the evil inside the clothing after defeating it brido was saved later on at the final battle against donkey Kong to save Mario brido sacrifes herself to percent Pauline but she brought back by a lady knowing as lady koyo. Edit

Mario All-Star Sluggers Edit

Birdo will appear in Mario All-Star Sluggers as a team captain. Her stats are:

Batting: 3/10

Pitching: 6/10

Catching: 10/10

Running: 5/10

Media Appearances Edit

Warioz Amazing Adventures Edit

Birdo appears very briefly on an advertisement in the episode Super Chef Cook-Off