Big Boo Returns is a game for the Nintendo Wii.

The game is about our crew returning from a good time of partying in Mario Part:Party On! Our crew goes to Peach's Castle and into the Courtyard. Our heroes spot a little cage on the side of the fountain. Mario and Luigi try to warn them not to get too close to it, but, it's too late. Our heroes get too close and shrink and float inside the cage. Mario and Luigi go in after them. Inside the cage, there is a castle. It is dark and scary. Once Mario and Luigi are inside the cage, they tell our heroes four people have to go in, the rest stay out. You (the player) has to pick two people a(besides Mario and Luigi) to come in. They will then go in. After you have gone through many levels, you soon have to face Big Boo himself! After you defeat him, you beat the game and everyone exits the course and goes back to Peach's Castle.

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