The Battle of Grass Land was the last battle of the Mushroom Revolutionary War that was fought between the Koopia, led by Koopernicus Maximus and Den I. Koopa, and the Mushroom Rebellion, led by Henry Toadsworth Jr. a distant relative of Toadsworth The rebellion also had the help of Sarasaland's Lion Brigade. This battle proved to be the end of Koopia's ruleover the Toads, the founding of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the exile of Den I. Koopa.


About 2 months after Sarasaland joined the war on the side of the Mushroom Rebellion, Generals Henry Toadsworth Jr. and Lionsworth led men from Sarasaland to the Mushroom Rebellion site, which most of it had been captured by the Koopa Troop. The 2 armies met near the center of the site, ready for a fight. Koopernicus Maximus told Den I. Koopa to attack the enemy's left, undefended flank. By noon a battle was raging at the left side of the Toad Armies. At approximately 1 P.M., General Toadsworth ordered a breakthrough at the Koopa Troop's attack. This was the part in which the Toad Armies lost about 700. After the koopas retreated from there, they attacked the middle and right flanks. This was the part in which the Koopa Troop lost about 550. After that failed assault, Den admitted defeat and surrendered his remaining army to Toadsworth and Lionsworth.


It was a bittersweet aftermath for the Mushroom Rebellion. The loss of so many toads and looting filled the streets with gloom, but 1 day after this battle, the rebellion became the Mushroom Kingdom, with King Toadstool as ruler and Toadsworth as vice-ruler. It was a horrid aftermath for the Koopia, though. Their kingdom had lost a significant portion of Land, led by Koopernicus. Also, several days later, Den I. Koopa ran away from Koopia to Ocean Land for being fired and hated by Koopernicus.


On both sides, the casualties were heavy. The Koopa Troop had lost about 750 in the battle, and the Toad Army was reduced to 6. Before it, both armies had about 1,000 in them. A memorial was set up in back of Template:Sme to remember this particular battle, and to honor those toads who died to make the Mushroom Kingdom its own country. In this battle, the Lion Brigade lost about 150 of the 500 lions in the brigade. Also, several days later, the Mushroom Constitution was signed.

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