Aurora Snowplains
Area World 5 
How to unlock Obtain the Bowsarctica Star Medal 
Level(s) Climb the Cold Cascade
Freeze the Frigid Sea
Behind the Waterfall
What's Under the Snow?
Fan the Frozen Flames 
Stars Comet StarComet StarComet StarComet StarComet Star

Aurora Snowplains is the first stage of World 5 in Super Mario Adventure. It is a snowy level with a river cutting through it. A cliff further divides the level, and causes the river to cascade. Near the top of the cliff is a small tribe of Penguru's, who claim to be able to freeze water using ancient magic sealed within a shrine inside the network of caves in the lower areas of the stage. A Koopa exploration camp is on the main snowfield, who were stocked with a number of Power-ups which they have lost on their endeavors, as well two of their team.

In the Bowsarctica hub, the Aurora Snowplains portal lies behind the large Bowser ice sculpture, in the gully created by the nearby river.



Sidescroller: Power up the Perilous TundraEdit

Climb the Cold CascadeEdit

Freeze the Frigid SeaEdit

Behind the WaterfallEdit

After the events of the previous episode, all the water in the level has frozen, giving Mario access to the cave behind the waterfall. First mario must climb up the cliff, which has become harder due to the snowstorm that was occurring in Freeze the Frigid Sea. When you get to the second tier of the cascade. Follow the path past the waterfall and defeat all the enemies so Mario can obtain a Rock Mushroom, which he can use to plow through the sheet of ice covering the waterfall and deep into the cave beyond which, surprisingly, is full of lava. From here, it's simply a matter of navigating the cave, using the powers of the Rock Mushroom, until Mario encounters a group of Podobros, who are attempting to explore the cave deeper. Using the Rock Mushroom, Mario can blast through the weakened wall which outside of the cave, not far from the cold cliff. The Podobros are disappointed, but reward Mario with the Comet Star for his assistance.

What's Under the Snow?Edit

The Koopa explorers have uncovered something under the snow, but are unable to dig into the hard ice, and ask Mario to join the two Podobros, who are in the flaming cave melting the snow from above. Using the new opening into the cave of flames, Mario can climb to the Podobros position, who provide Mario with a Fire Flower. Mario is required to melt away all the ice around the object, which is a message reading "The Man in Red will arrive and hot will become cold, and cold shall become hot." This is exactly what happens and the 'I' in 'in' will morph into a comet star and shoot towards Mario.

Fan the Frozen FlamesEdit

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