The Airship Realm is the first "galaxy" traveled to in Super Mario Galaxy.


Grand Star in the Airship Filled SkyEdit

After Mario fell off the comet observatorey, he alnds on a planet that appears to be a perfect circle. Mario should walk over to a structre that appears to be a bolt. If Mario stands on the bolt, it will come out, and the planet will start moving through space. Mario should get to the top of a tower on the planet and wait until the planet passes by an airship. He should destroy the two gaurds by deflecting coconuts that they spit at them. After they are all destroyed, a sling star appears that takes Mario to the first airship. He should then destroy all the goombas, which will make a launch star appear to take him to the next airhsip. Mario should collect all 5 yellow star ship to make the launch star appear, which takes him to the last airship. On the airship, Mario encounters Bowser and Bowser Jr. for the first time. they tell him that they can't be stopped this time. Bowser then hit a lever, and which opens the airship deck, and causes Mario to fall through. He heads through the ship and finds a bunch of switches. If he hits all of the switches, the Grand Star appears.



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