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A New Beginning, Part 2 is the second episode of Newer Superer Mario Bros.


A few days after the end of Part 1, we see that Mario and Luigi are getting a hang of the Mushroom Kingdom. Then, Professor E. Gadd tells Mario and Luigi the whole story of the Mushroom Kingdom.

(Gadd): Long ago, erm, 10 years ago, a group of scientists, including me, Princess Peach, and her father, were studying a new force called Mushroom Energy that we discovered in small amounts. We accidentally supercharged it, and we were sucked into this alternate dimension made of Mushroom Energy. We then set up shop, and studied the energy. We put a whole lot of it in a huge battery and exposed certain objects to it, such as a leaf, a normal mushroom, a hammer, fire and ice, and many more things. But then a huge explosion happened. It released all the Mushroom Energy throughout the lab, and it mutated into various evil creatures. But it also turned the objects into power-up-like things that give you special powers!

(Mario): So, why am I here?

(Gadd): One of the consequences was that, over time, the evil creatures started to reproduce. Then, one of them named Bowser pumped a lot of Mushroom Energy into his and his eight children's bodies, making them more powerful. We harnessed their power into the Blue Shell, one of these "power-ups" that we created. We are looking for people to stop Bowser! Not even all of the Toads, cousin species to the Super Mushroom power-ups, can stop them. They don't have any powers, and the power-ups don't work on them.

(Luigi): Wow. So we need to stop this Bowser guy?

(Gadd): Uh huh.

To be completed...

---****--- Roads

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